Rig Manager v Cannot Update???

  • Running the above version of RM and my Kemper head has v Using Windows 10.

    When RM is open, I get an "Oops! Something went wrong :(" message in the editor area and a "Rig Manager requires an update to show an editor" message as well.

    When I try to update RM through the application, nothing happens. I downloaded the update and extracted it but when I try to run the installation, again nothing happens.

    I guess the next step is to uninstall RM completely and reinstall, or am I missing something?

  • RM is experiencing some serious trouble for Windows 10 users.

    I had a week long nightmare trying to fix a faulty Beta installation. Lesson learned. No more Beta versions for me.

    The only thing that worked was to uninstall RM (if Windows will let you...took me many attempts. RM had installed itself twice on my machine, different versions)

    I have it working now but I'm afraid to update it ever again lol.

    Good luck. I have no solid advice.

  • Thanks Calaban, good to know.

    Kemper really needs to get their shit together with RM.

    maybe you want to contact support. I'm sure we can help you to fix the issue you're facing (which btw has nothing to do with the issue a few people had with the latest beta version).