Quicker powering off for Kemper Stage

  • Is it possible to add a feature to config the Kemper Stage so that when turning the device off users don't need to hold the power button till it's shut down? Not super inconvenient, but it feels weird to hold the "turning off" pose for a few secs every time...


  • I do wonder though how many accidental turn-offs has to happen mid-solo before someone request the current behavior :)

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  • Avoiding accidental shut-downs is exactly the reason, why we have to hold the button for a while.

    Understood. And that's why I was wondering if it can be configured, like an option in the system menu. Or maybe another way to do this - like 2 steps confirmation? I don't mind pressing the power button twice to power it off.

    The existing ~3 seconds hold is like "are you super super sure what you are doing? yes? now think again?" Also I have to be staring at the screen for the "shutting down" bar to fill to know when I can let go the button.

    I know it's not a lot of time. 3 uses per day and for a year it's probably 40-50min in total spent on shutting it off. I can easily spend that time by simply browsing this forum and get nothing :) But it just feels weird to hold the button for that long every time.

  • Then just imagine how much of your life fades away while booting up ...... 8o

    Cheers !

    Actually, I (only recently) found out that for powering on I don't need to hold the power button. It was a life saver!! One click, it does it's job. In the meantime I can grab the guitar, plug in, or turn down the volume of my monitors to avoid the "pop" as another thread mentioned. But for powering off, it's a dedicated job during that 3s of my life!!

  • Well, 3s x 3 x 365 = 3285s = 54.75min. Just for the sake of math :)

    Sorry mate. Fixed. :pinch:

    But for powering off, it's a dedicated job during that 3s of my life!!

    Funny how "waiting" has this effect on us.

    I mean, how much time does the average bloke spend every year scratchin' his ass (or elsewhere), adjusting his package or picking his nose? Surely more than the 9s a day it takes to power down the Kemper 3 times. Much more, and yet I've never heard anyone complain about it unless he or she had a disorder such as a bad rash.

  • Funny how "waiting" has this effect on us.

    Spot on. When sitting down and doing the math, the time spent here is nothing. But from user experience perspective, it feels strange...

    I was in the industry of developing retail websites. If the website were not showing any change when doing it's job (placing order, searching, etc.), users often feel there's something wrong. A spinner or a progress bar helps. But the things that worked best are the "dirty tricks" on animations. Like fading in the menu, some fancy transitions...etc.

  • My MOTU audio interface wants its POWER button pressed 4 seconds before turning ON!

    I even had it sent back to the store „because it does not work“.

    The manual just mentions „use POWER button to power on“...

    And, it also takes 4 seconds to press BEFORE it powers off.