Kemper powered Kab

  • That flat setting was my starting point. I was hearing some differences EQ wise and with transients/note attack. I even took some A/B clips, but while listening back I noticed the mic wasn't optimally located so the recording doesn't fully translate. Anyway need to take some additional takes with fresh ears still later on.

  • Did you notice any sound difference between powered Kemper and unpowered Kemper with Tc Bam200 preamp🤔

    I don't have the powered Kab but did own the Bam200 and an ICEpower 200ASC (which is tonally similar to the ICEPower 300AS in the powered Kab).

    When using the "flat" EQ setting on the Bam, the differences between the two were pretty minimal in my opinion. The ICEPower 200ASC may have had slightly better low end, but if anything it was subtle at best and hard to really notice.

    I ended up keeping the ICEPower but mostly just out the convenience of being able to wire it directly into the speaker cabinet, and not having to worry about running a speaker cable or dialing in the eq settings. I liked the tone and form factor of the Bam though, and a unit like that is nice to have as a backup or if you ever need to run the Kemper or other modeler into another guitar cabinet... Wish they would make one with a simple switch to bypasss the EQ .

  • Looks like the Powered Kab is in stock in the US, finally.

    I just ordered mine! :D

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  • This is probably a stupid question, but.. Do we have to buy the Kemper Kone or do they come installed in the Kabinet ?

    You can buy either Kone speaker separately (and install it to the cabinet of your choice) or you can buy Kabinet (powered or unpowered). You can get more info on the Kemper web.

  • Both the powered Kabinet and unpowered Kabinet come with the same Kone speakers installed, and both allow you to use the Kemper imprints.

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