Kemper Kabinet Vs FRFR vs Studio monitors

  • Hi folks,

    I hope some of you more experienced guys can help. I have already searched through numerous posts here and elsewhere about this and I am still undecided. I am a bedroom guitarist, I jam and do a bit of recording, really only for myself. I am a teacher, so time is always an issue in terms of practice, recording, and really getting to know gear. I play metal, djent, and some ambient stuff. My questions is:

    Should I get a Kemper Kabinet, an FRFR, or buy some good studio monitors?

    I currently have a set of M-Audio BX8a's studio monitors which I don't use when playing the Kemper. I actually use some Logitech THX computer speakers. The sound is somewhat enjoyable but I know I'm not getting a real experience.

    Can anyone give some advice on what they think might be a suitable option?

    Thanks again, this is a great community to be part of.

  • Why don’t you use the Bx8a for your Kemper? Have you tried them and didn’t like it on just not tried them?

    I don’t know the speakers themselves but a quick look online suggests they are reasonable lower end monitors. If you don’t like them then you probably won’t like other studio monitors either and may be better off with a Kabinet or FRFR.

    I have a nice set of Adam A7x and a Kabinet. I use the Adams almost exclusively at home but I prefer the sound of my guitar sitting in a mix rather than the fabled “amp in the room” experience. Some people don’t like the in the mix sound and prefer a more distinct in the room feel. If you are in the latter group you are unlikely to bond with studio monitors no matter how good they are.

    My advice is try it for a little while with your current BX8 to see if you bond with the monitor concept before spending more money on a set of better speakers.

  • I'd first try the M-Audio studio monitors you already have.

    They alone should enhance your Kemper playing/listening experience quite a bit.

    As a sole bedroom player I'd think you would not benefit from a (louder) FRFR system (your studio monitors are FRFR anyway).

    If an amp in the room experience is what your after (and I know from repeated trial & error episodes it’s what satisfies ME most) the Kemper Kabinet is the way to go.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by Alan while I was still typing. ;)

  • Thanks, guys, to be honest, I have not tried the Kemper with the BX8a's, the main reason being that they are quite loud for the room that I am in. I have really only used my computer speakers or through my amp with cab section switched off, I am looking to get the best out of the Kemper so I think I will go with your advice. Thanks so much.

  • If you want more bottom end in your studio monitors then a Kabinet will do that. The other choice is to add a subwoofer to the monitors. I have done both and I get the best of all worlds.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.