Public Beta

  • PROFILER Operating System 8.1 and Rig Manager 3.2 are now available as public betas!

    Please refer to the Addendum 8.1 manual available on our download page for a detailed description of major features introduced in this OS.


    added: new effect type Kemper Fuzz

    added: new parameters Steep Low and Steep High in Studio EQ allowing to switch filter from 1st to 2nd order

    changed: gain controls of Studio Equalizer and Metal EQ expanded to +-18dB

    changed: progression of Ducking parameter

    changed: renaming Recti Shaper into Octa Shaper

    obsoleted: effect type Fuzz DS (existing Rigs and user presets based on Fuzz DS are automatically migrated to Kemper Fuzz without sound changes during the upgrade process)

    Rig Update: Rigs and presets stored under this OS are not downward compatible with older OS versions!

    User Interface

    added View: Just Acoustic listing Rigs with Instrument Tag=Acoustic

    changed: minimum of three Aux In mix controls in Output Section now displayed as Off

    fixed: accidental greying out of SEND 1 Source, SEND 1 Volume and SEND 1 Link at Stage

    Permanent Factory Effect Presets

    added: 20 Kemper Fuzz permanent factory presets

    added: 4 Octa Shaper permanent factory presets (former Recti Shaper)

    added: 9 additional Kemper Drive permanent factory presets

    changed: numbering and order of Klon permanent factory presets inverted

    changed: settings in wah permanent factory preset Cry slightly revised

    changed: user scale permanent factory presets replaced

    changed: Factory effect presets hosted in the PROFILER are now permanent, appear in dramaturgical order and get automatically maintained by the OS – like the way effect types are embedded in the PROFILER OS since day 1. From now onward users can rely on having a complete set of factory effect presets onboard of their PROFILER matching the OS version installed under all circumstances. This change is limited to factory effect presets and doesn’t affect any presets stored by users themselves! It does also not affect any Rigs nor Performances.