How do you keep the clarity of delays and reverbs?

  • I've got some standard delays and reverbs set up in the delay and reverb slots. I've noticed that in some rigs, they kind of interfere with each other a bit. For example, my delays aren't very clear and they sort of push into the reverb so that the end result sounds more like the reverb is pulsing a bit rather than being able to clearly hear each individual delay. I know one solution could be to put the reverb first and then the delay, but I'm assuming there must be another technique to solve this problem, otherwise, Kemper wouldn't have put the delay module before the reverb (which is where I agree, it should be).

    Is there some other setting that sort of separates the delay and reverb so that they are more clear rather than mushing them together? I've also noticed that if I use a delay widener in the "X" slot, that also causes my reverb to sound a little off (in a bad way). I'm assuming that's because the delay widener is causing the signal to hit the reverb module at 2 slightly different times, causing a SLIGHT out of phase sort of sound.

    What do you all do to keep your delays and reverbs really defined?

  • try setting the DLY+REV Routing parameter to -100% - this keeps delay and reverb separated IF the delay is in the DLY block and the reverb in the REV block

    I've never messed with that parameter. Mostly because I'd never dug into what it did. Sounds like a very cool (and useful) feature.

    Now the question is....."What else have I missed?" :)

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