Rig Volume not saved. Only by saving "Entire Performance"

  • Hi together,

    maybe it´s just me (another knot in my head) or there is a bug;

    When i match the volume from different rigs in one performance, i mainly use the volume feature of the amp itself (amp - page 3).

    After changing the volume, i try to save the change by pressing "store" -> "amp module".

    This will not save the new volume. Only "entire performance" does the job.

    Is this a bug?

    Not an big issue - but i stumble across this pretty frequently.

    Thanks and all the best!

  • RichPich

    Changed the title of the thread from “Rig Volume not saved. Only by safeing "Entire Performance"” to “Rig Volume not saved. Only by saving "Entire Performance"”.
  • As Burkhard said, saving the Amp module saves a preset for *just* the amp module. That preset is saved outside and completely independent of the performance.

    The only way to save your changes in the performance is to save the entire performance. This goes for making as little as 0.1 value change to one parameter. You will always save the entire performance.

    That may sound like overkill, but to me I like it that way. ONE way to save changes in a performance...instead of various ways you need to remember.

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