Are the STL Tones Kemper packs worth it?

  • Like the title says, looking at the Andy James Kemper pack from STL Tones but I've heard some bad stuff about their profiles. Andy is a huge inspiration of mine and I love his sounds, but I don't wanna spend that kind of money on profiles that could potentially be bad and have no way of demoing them. Does anyone who has his pack think it's worth getting?

  • This is very subjective topic and you have a very good chance of getting 50% positive and 50% negative responses. I looked and the info sheet for this pack and is uses just two cabinets. Cabinet is ~80% of tone, so if you don't like sound of Mesa Oversized 4x12 (hard to say which microphones they used - they didn't mention it) - there is a chance you won't like the pack at all. So I won't answer your question directly - this pack might be great, or not..., but I'd recommend considering packs which offer you bigger tonal variety (many different cabs, many mics, different positions etc). For example in high gain territory SinMix's packs cost similar money but you get ~14 cabs and a lot of mics to choose from. There are probably other makers who have similar approach.