OS Public Beta

  • The availability of Wattage Meter and Power Amp Boost is not limited to models with built-in power amp (PowerHead and PowerRack) anymore. These are now available at all PROFILER models for use with the new KEMPER Power Kabinet. Both features appear on page Kemper Kone in the Output Section as soon as Kemper Kone mode gets enabled.


    fixed: old Fuzz DS not correctly migrated into Kemper Fuzz by OS 8.1.0 - Impedance LP should be set to value 10 instead of 0

    fixed: scaling of High Cut of Metal Equalizer

    User Interface

    added: Wattage Meter and Power Amp Boost added on page Kemper Kone for use with KEMPER Power Kabinet or KEMPER Kabinet/Kone via external power amp

    fixed: copy & paste of effects into locked effect modules was blocked

    fixed: effect presets couldn't be loaded into locked modules via double click in Rig Manager