Kemper Stage | SD Power Stage 700 (Noise Issue)

  • Hello Kemper team!

    I just connected my new Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700 to my Kemper Stage and I want to make sure I have everything set up properly. Bit of a hissing noise off and on which is concerning.

    1. Connection 1: Input (Left) on front of PS 700 - Connected to Main Monitor (left) on Kemper Stage
    2. Connection 2 (Guitar): Kemper Stage (Input) Connected to --> Line 6 Relay G10S Wirelsss
    3. Connection 3: Speaker Output Left (SD Power Stage 700) Connection --> Mission Engineering Gemini P2 (Left Stereo)

    I am hearing a hissing sound every now and then that comes and goes, so I have shut everything off until I have clarity on what I am doing wrong.

    Also, is there a setting I need to change in the Output section of the Kemper Stage? I notice there is also a cab SIm on the back of the Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700 which I left off since I am using the Kemper Cab within the profile. Is there a right or wrong here?

    If anyone that has a similar set up, any feedback is appreciated.

    Thank you!

  • I have a 700 and have no hiss intermittent or otherwise.

    I have a toaster as opposed to a Stage, but your connections look good to me.

    What are your Stage volume settings at? I have all my settings at -12db. The 700 at 12 o'clock has zero hiss and can get super loud.

  • The hissing sound seems to occur when my solo channel is on.

    Kemper stage is set to -18, and Power Amp to 10 a-clock

    I think perhaps the power bar I have connected is interfering with other signals, is this possible?

    Is there a difference having the stage Monitor set to Mono or Stereo? With Mission cab, I have the option to use Mono bridged or Stereo, but it's just one cab so not sure if it makes a difference.

  • Update:

    I changed one of the cables and the hissing is gone now. I don’t understand it because I had the same cable connected to my kemper power rack going through the same cab with no hum or hissing issues.

    As soon I hooked up the power stage 700 with kemper stage however, with the same speaker wires, the hissing and humming issue appeared.

    I mean, I’ll take the win that the issue is gone but if anyone knows why this would occur with the Kemper stage and Power stage 700 connections and not with the Kemper Power rack .

  • I've had cables that were brand new laid on the floor. If I would step on it a certain way in a specific spot then all kinds of static. If I pushed the cable with the tip of my foot then the static would clear up. So, you get defective cables from time to time.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Is there a difference having monitor volume and Main volume set to -12 db in loudness?

    It doesn’t seem as loud as one would think and I have stage 700 set ahead of 12 aclock to (2 aclock) and that starts to feel loud.

    With the mission engineering 500 watt speaker, if the kemper volume is set to -12 db, what would be considered the max volume I can have the power stage 700 set at without blowing the speakers?

    If I set it to 4-5 aclock, will this be to much? Just curious and I have only had it as loud as 2 aclock so far and barely cut through the mix at band practice.