Further discovery!

  • I have been told by a few long time KPA veterans to pick a cab or two and use it over all your live profiles to prevent "aural vertigo" and maintain the same consistency you would with an amp and cabinet. (Majority of artists wouldn't have 8 different speakers with different mics on stage) I haven't been doing that choosing to go with what the rig was profiled with thinking that was what would sound best, and had it in my head that you wouldn't want to mix the cab of one profiler with the amp of another profiler. Man was I wrong! I had some Marshall profiles that were done with greenbacks and sounded good through a live cab but the direct out was a bit thin and hollow compared to some others. I had some profiles that I loved that sounded rich & harmonically wonderful that were done with aV30, U87 SM57 and chandler TG pre. For the heck of it I locked that cab and went to my Marshall profiles and BANG! they were all excellent too!! That cab changed the feel & tone like presto! I tried it on some clean profiles and it was nice but it wasn't as good as that cab was on distortion profiles. I know this is well known to most and I'm slow, but If anyone doesn't like a profile, try switching to a cab from a similar profile that you love, it might just make magic! From what I see right now direct, cabs are a MUCH bigger factor than what I was giving them credit for! I have probably bought $100.00 worth of commercial profiles trying to find the best sounds for me and most likely could have had the same results just getting a few profiles that had killer cabs and switched them around on things. But I guess I have to learn the hard way!

  • Awesome sauce, brother! 8o

    ... done with aV30, U87 SM57 and chandler TG pre.

    Well, no wonder man. I love those mic's and it's a great preamp too. So much mojo there mate.

    From what I see right now direct, cabs are a MUCH bigger factor than what I was giving them credit for!

    Indeed, the "hidden" value of cabs is a long-standing "issue" with guitarists.

    There's been a number of YouTube videos where dudes have used purpose-built patch bays to switch between roomfuls of cabs to illustrate the point that tone is predominantly determined by cabs.

    Makes sense when you think about it:

    Cabs are bandwidth-limited by-design.

    Amps are much-brighter and fizzy-sounding.

    Cabs therefore act like high-and-lowpass filters and resonators for the amp tone and also add midrange mojo due to their responses and materials used.

    So glad you're excited mate. Go you good thing, Kemper! It delivers for you yet again. 8):thumbup:

  • We are all on a discovery of perfect tone.

    I could bore you with a list of amps that I have owned that would show I've had a history with some of the finest tube amps ever made, but I'll just say that I feel like I've never been closer to getting my perfect tone than now.

    I was listening to some old recordings tonight of some stuff that in the 80's I then was trying very hard to get the sounds of even with some "killer" vintage & modern amps and equipment I had. I have been recording the Kemper a lot lately, and when I heard these old recordings I used to drool over, I realized, wow I can get these tones and more! I was telling myself, I'd bet ten bucks that I could time travel and walk in with my Kemper to my favorite guitar players from the 80's /early 90's every one of them would send whatever they were using down the road and plug in. I really believe there isn't a sound on a recording you can't get from a KPA. You just have to understand it, same as anything.

  • The Bert F-man pack. Take the cab from the Sat3G8 and lock it. Try it on some profiles you did not like before. YMMV. Not for spanky clean stuff but for stuff you want fatter,fuller and thicker. I tried that cab on my favorite TJ74 stuff and it was killer compared to the GB cab that came with it.

    Totally made those profiles better for me. The original 74 / GB is more "authentic" though and very nicely done so I am not saying I "improved" it or that here is anything wrong with it because it is great, I just made it more to my liking. I've found those Bert profiles to be VERY good. Especially the way the cabs are miked. He uses the same gear I consider the holy grail for guitar. U87, SM57 and ChandlerTG pre so maybe that helps.

  • I’d be interested to hear what cabs people are using if they’re doing this! I tried this today and it’s made some profiles that I considered near unusable sound great.

    It does make the profiles sound quite similar to one another, but of course that’s to be expected.

    The cab I’m using is one called “Magic Cab 2” by M Britt, which I had no idea was there, but I take it it’s just transferred over when I was putting some profiles on? I don’t recall ever adding it myself, but I think it sounds great!

  • there are so many,, you can get caught in the IR rabbit hole, find one you like,, that works well with the profiles you use,,then get to work on the profiles themselves, . If you play live, you MUST tweak at stage volume,,

    jus my 3 cents,,


  • My favorite cabs at the moment are those that use several Jensen P10R speakers. Love that for recording and also love the focused mic'ed up sound for FOH. On the Kabinet I use the Jensen P12 imprint which sounds better in the room than the 10 inch speakers. Best of both worlds.