Connecting Kemper profiler to iMac computer

  • I am brand new to the Kemper userverse, and I am having trouble getting communication with my computer at either of the USB ports on my brand new Profiler Powerhead.

    I have tried to update the software via flash drive, following the Kemper instructions for that, (3-4 tries by now) and nothing happens where the instructions state 'Follow the onscreen instructions'. There are no instructions to follow, just whatever screen was open when I insert the loaded flash into the USB port.

    I tried connecting 2 kinds of USB connection cables, from either of the the USB A and B ports, with my computer. When I connected computer to my KemperPPH at the USB A port, the Kemper Profiler froze up, I had to restart.

    When I use USB B cable, to try to interface with Kemper Rig Manager application that I downloaded and installed, there is no activity or graphic on either computer or Kemper PPH to indicate that the 2 devices were in communication with.

    I have looked online with Google, but can't find any instructions on how to get KPPH connected to my computer.

    I would like to accomplish 2 things: Update the software on my new KPPH, or at least know that that will be doable, in the event that my software is already up to date, and there becomes available a newer update in the future; AND enable Rig Manager, so that I can load some Rigs etc. that I have downloaded, that I really want to explore, but don't know how to get them into my PPH.

    Anyone know what I need to do, OR where I might find instructions for these issues.

    Thanks a million in advance. gjg

  • Hello and welcome!

    Put a small USB key into the back of the Kemper and use one of the front soft buttons at the top of the screen to go into the possible operations with the USB key. Then, format it using the Kemper (backup your key first, of course).

    I like to format the key with the Kemper because you are sure that it is formatted using the proper format and structure (Apple does funny things sometimes with formatting in FAT32 and adds garbage hidden files).

    Now download a firmware from Kemper main support site and only add the kaos.bin file to the root of the USB key.

    But! If the version of your Profiler is before 7.3, you need to download and install version 7.3.2 first. Only then will you be able to install the latest versions.

    Now, when you reinsert the USB Key to the profiler, it will ask you if you want to update the profiler.

  • only the USB B cable connects the KPA to a computer. The USB A is for memory sticks or connecting a keyboard for tagging rigs more quickly in the KPA itself.

    The KPA should show up in Rig Manager so make sure you have Rig Manager installed first.

    Another thing (although it’s doesn’t appear to be your issue) is that the KPA often doesn’t play nicely with USB hubs. The only times my KPA doesn’t show up on my iMac is when it is connected via a hub.