MOD - Engl 530 High Gain Lead

  • I've been leeching other users profiles for long enough! I love the community here, everyone shares so much and I thought it about time to pay my dues :)

    Downloaded the demo of a new amp modeller plugin today and profiled the first tone that it opens up with, I think it sounds great for high gain leads and rhythm!

    It's a model of an Engl 530 played through a Greenback 4x12 miced with a Vintage Neumann CMV-563. I think the plugin also models some nice desk/preamp combos.

    It was just a rough take and it's my first upload to Rig Exchange so go easy :)

    Sorry for the lack of a clip but I had to rip out a lead of cables to allow me to profile from a VST. If you like then let me know and I'll profile some of the other amp/cabs in there.