Kemper rack - case recommendations?

  • hi folks

    Think I'm going to need to take this thing out and about. Please share rack recommendations? Don't want to break the bank ideally but it needs to be sturdy and reliable (obvs) with latches that don't start to go south after a year!

    Thanks in advance

  • As an old retired P.A. FOH / touring guy, I had some bad experience with SKB cases ...

    They are to flexible and bends easy at the aluminum frame so lids don´t fit,

    and butterfly latches / locks are to weak and brake ....

    Also the polymer plastic cracked on a few ... :pinch:

    But that´s my opinion :P

    If you just do small gigs and / or play at home / studio, they are OK ..... I guess .

    Cheers !

  • For the bar gigging crowd (myself included) SKB cases work great. I have been using mine for the last 10 yrs and no issues.
    If I was a touring band I might go with a more robust flight case.

    So I guess it depends on what the OP’s needs are.

  • The roto molded cases are more durable and easier to work with .... but they are a bit heavier, and generally a bit more expensive. Still, they are my preference.

    I have and still use some SKB cases. They are light and less expensive, but as pointed out the aluminum framing bends easily and can make it hard to mate up the covers. The latches also sometimes pop loose when you catch them on something while carrying the case around. Having said that I have a decade old one within arms reach right now ;).

  • I've got my rack in a 6u SKB (SKB 1SKB-R6S), shallow depth. I've got a Furman, then the Kemper Rack, then a Fryette Powerstation. I got a BTPA rear panel to easily connect at the gig, and the shallow version of this rack is just a tad too shallow to be "perfect" -- it would be better with a little more depth. But, it does work well and BTPA panel is great for fast and easy connections (that you easily see).