Solved: TERRIBLE loud running noise ONLY from Performance mode

  • No idea what the hell is going on here. Turned my Kemper on tonight to hear this awful ringing and squealing. My guitar wasn’t coming through whatsoever. Weirdest part is, when I switch to Browser mode, everything’s fine. No more ringing, and my guitar comes through fine

    I update to the new firmware today, but if it was a beta issue, I can’t imagine I would be the first one to bring something like this up

    please help

    edit. Just reset my entire unit (not sure why I waited so long. Still not working, but there was a small window of no squeal and working guitar, when the amp first turned on, but it quickly cut out and started squealing

  • Son of a bitch!


    I plugged my fx loop cables into the wrong Jack on my Timline.

    I would laugh, but this is the second time in about a month I’ve done basically that exact same thing… and the second time I posted about it, too

    I’m ashamed


    Fixed the cable going into my timeline, which solved half the issue. However, since I had turned off the entire “Effects” grouping in my amp, I didn’t know that the REAL issue was that I had also plugged my direct out cable into the monitor out jack on the back of the amp. So then, one I switched the Effects group back on, and the stereo loop with it, I was met with the loudest, highest pitched squeal I have ever heard. It was so loud and high that I pulled a muscle in my stomach and had the most painful abominably Charlie horse ever. I feel on the floor and just yanked out whatever cables I could reach until it stopped.

    Finally, I turned the amp around and realized I had plugged in my Direct Out cable in Monitor Out.

    I hate myself

  • Please keep it for others to learn from. Was a fun read to boot!

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