Rig Manager - editing user scales

  • That would be great especially if the added screen space could be used to show the musical intervals and note names in the selected key. It is an unnecessary additional step to do the mental arithmetic every time to convert +5 to Perfect 4th or is it Major 3rd? i can never remember because Kemper number the scale steps 0 - 11 instead of 1 -12 like the rest of the planet ? Using intervals and/or note names removes all uncertainty and guarantees the desired outcome first time. Musical notation is a system that has stood the test of time over centuries for the simple reason that it works. It just WORKS.

    I could sort of see the point in the current method if screen space was limited but with RM there is no excuse for not allowing the use of note names and intervals.

  • Yes, thank you. There was a discussion about this in the recent past, but I don't see why this could be an issue. The argument "theory is too difficult" doesn't hold up. Learning intervals is one of the first things a musician should do. And if you don't want to learn them, because you "do everything by ear", you can still build the scale using your ears and the numbers 0 to 11. Then again, this one goes to eleven!