Loop Function in Rig Manager over Keyboard

  • It would be great to have the Looper Function directly activable in Rig Manager and triggered by "buttons" from pc keyboard:

    F.E.: Letter G starts the Loop
    Letter S stops the Loop

    Letter P plays the loop

    Letter R records over the existing loop
    Letter E erases the loop

    The letters / knobs / icons on screen can be different, no issue. I hope the basic principle is then clear

  • As I much prefer keyboard shortcuts over mouse clicks and drag’n’drop, I agree that Keystrokes for looper makes sense and would be a nice addition. However, I would much rather have the ability to customise keystrokes like a DAW allows. Select a function to be controlled > press a key or combination of keys > save.

  • using your hands to control the looper would mean you can never start a loop with a note on the first downbeat and you would have to stop playing before the end of the loop to reach the keyboard in time to set the end point of the loop. While this might be an option if you use the looper for vocals I fail to see how this is practicable for guitar based looping.

  • That's what noses are for my good man.

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