The Kemper Drive Klon/Bluesbreaker

  • Thanks for that.

    I am still wondering about the accuracy or not of the Kemper drive emulations/profiles. I am enjoying how they sound as I am not a player who likes the full throated roar of full on amp overdrive. I am more Robben Ford and Larry Carlton soundwise, although sadly not playing wise.

    Yes and no and does it matter?

    I'll explain....

    The settings have been based upon hardware versions of the Klon and Bluesbreaker, but there are many other variables that effect how these types of devices work. So under the same set up, they should sound very close.

    Does it matter? If it sounds good, does it matter if they are accurate? Unless you want to directly replace one, its less important.

  • First, Kemper Drive, gives you a 100% accurate feeling that you have a hardware pedal in front of your Profiler.

    KD its not a 1:1 emulation of every possible setting of those pedals, but the real pedals have some sweetspots that KD tried to reproduce. Sound wise, KD is very close to the settings it tries to emulate, not 100%, but as good as any other hardware clone in the market, with even more flexibility.

    More content about this here:

    [Public Beta] PROFILER OS

    I agree with V8, about accuracy.

    Tumnus is not an accurate clone of a Klon, but it sounds good.

    If KD feels good, sounds good, your are ready to go.

  • Thank you Syntek that answered my question. I don't think I would have found the post you linked. I have found that the definition control is very useful in controlling the amount of bass if used carefully. I have also been experimenting with combining some of these drive sound to interesting effect.

    I am now going to experiment with different amp types. The Fender Deluxe seemed to like the sound of the Klon a lot.