Noise gate and high gain

  • Hi Guys,

    I just read in the manual of the stage that it's preferable to put a noise gate in the stomp section instead of in the input section ?

    why would this make a difference ? Or why is it better for high gain profiles ? Never understood the whole ratio stuff for the noise gate fx :)


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  • You don't necessarily want a gate in the input because when playing clean you will loose some pick dynamics and ambience coming from the strings when using a light attack or fingering. At the input, it is a global setting. In the stomps, it is only specific for that profile. High-gain (dirty) introduces much more signal noise. Setting the gate around 3.4 works pretty good for me on high gain.

    The ratio is basically how much of the original gain is cut, I think. So 2:1 is half.

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  • The input noise gate is an intelligent noise reduction system that removes noise from pickups etc and stops it being amplified by high gain amps and pedals. It is very transparent and almost unnoticeable unless set at quite high levels. However, the noise gate effect is a more aggressive “effect” which many people use to tighten up palm mutes etc rather than just remove noise.