Doesnt take new rig names in local library

  • local lib: creating new performance , renaming it , then clicking "store performance" and wuuup , new name disappears, sets back the name to "new performance" ....

    i also see a lot of bugs when skipping per mouse from one rig to another in local library, sometimes often rig names change after clicking in the new rig slot, really strange !:(

  • Sorry, I cannot reproduce such issues following your generic instructions. I'm testing with OS 8.5.6 and RM 3.2.43. You need to be aware of what you are editing and what you are storing. So the precise steps are required to understand the scenario.

    The transactions in the lower editor part always correspond to the Rig/Performance currently loaded in the PROFILER. It is the Rig/Performance marked with the headphones symbol in the upper list. The logic is, you can only adjust tone parameters if you can hear the result. And you can only hear one Rig at a time. Consequently, the whole Editor area is not available, if no PROFILER is connected. You load a Rig or a Performance for monitoring and into the Editor via double click.

    Even without a PROFILER and without editor you can assemble Performances from existing Rigs and edit Rig tags and Performance tags. The idea is, that you can edit tags without hearing the sound. You load a Rig or Performance for these edits via single click. Here it is even possible to select multiple Rigs at the same time and edit tags in one go. Pressing ENTER on your computer keyboard stores such edits.

    While a PROFILER is connected, there can be two objects in focus simultaneously: Performance A for monitoring and loaded into editor via double click and Performance B for tag editing via single click. It is possible to edit tags like Performance Name of a Performance B, while another Performance A is currently loaded (headphones symbol). So depending how you store you might store Performance A instead of B.