Performance presets etc

  • hello, i am new to the kemper forum. I already had a profiler kemper head and just ordered a profiler stage. I am trying to configure a few performances with the rig manager (which is really good) but I am having some difficulties. 1) i d’like in performance mode to keep all the effects and only change the amp, but i can't test easily my Maps .2) i would like to store presets including multiple effects but that doesn't seem possible at the moment, hopefully it will be possible with a future version of rigmanager? 3) is it possible to sunchronize the Rigs library on ipad with the new version. I already havé a librairy on my mac? 4) I am looking for presets of songs with all effects ( U2 etc ) but apart from one or two sites nothing new. will an exchange of presets or performance be possible on rigmanager in the future? thanks for your help and comments! mat from france strasbourg:)

  • I am not sure I understand everything you are asking, but... for #2, even though you cannot do this with Rig Manager, you CAN do it on the Kemper itself. You can save banks of effects or stomps as a preset, name it, and call it back for use in other rigs.