iPAD Editor Addition

  • I really like the iPAD editor with the latest software update. I was really sad to see though that, while in Performance mode, there is no way to control the "Performance Tempo" function from the editor. I have my Stage set up like a pedalboard, where I don't have dedicated performances set up for specific songs. I also have my Delay and Tremolo set to be sync'd with the Performance Tempo. This means that I have to reach down between songs and dial in specific tempos when I want it to be more accurate that I can get by tapping them in. It would be so great if you could do that from the editor.


  • I’m not a sophisticated Kemper user yet, but I do like the iOS RM. It feels somewhat “version 1.0” but that’s ok. I am optimistic that it will get better. A few suggestions:

    • Have the app automatically disable “auto lock” when the app is open. This is surely possible, as some other apps do this. If you use Access Point Mode, if auto lock puts the iPad to sleep, the connection to the Kemper unit is lost. And you have to keep repeating the camera/QR code dance.
    • Make the camera accessible from within the app (for reasons similar to above).
    • Are there other ways to access Home Network Mode besides WPS that could be implemented? Many routers do not allow access via WPS as it is considered unsecure. Access Point Mode fine, except that it is limited in that it renders all other iPad functions that depend on wifi useless.
    • Implement some way to revert control settings to default or stored values, as with the computer based rig manager.
    • Implement an alternative method of displaying control values during editing, as the finger covers the value display when manipulating the control.