Direct profiles and a real cab

  • HI guys,

    another question...

    I have a Splawn 1x12 cab (small block speaker) that i want o use as a "real cab" for onstage. I also want to run a xlr to FOH from a Kemper Stage.

    I'm powering the Splawn with a Freyette LXII. It has recently been made aware to me that I should be using direct profiles with the real cab.


    How do I take an existing studio profile and make it so that I can feed just the direct profile to the cab and that whole studio profile to FOH?

    And conversely, how would I make an existing direct profile and make it so it is a studio profile for FOH as well?

    Is what I am describing what a merged profile that contains both studio and direct profiles?

    Do I need to use the Direct output from the Stage to the real cabinet and the mains out to FOH to achieve what I am trying to do?

  • If you want to send a profile to the FOH and with a cab at the same time:

    - Connect your Main Out to the FOH.

    - Use the Monitor Output and connect it to your cabinet on stage.

    - Go the global Output Settings and use the Softbutton "Monitor Cab Off" (

    This means: Your complete profile will be used for the Main Output, the cabinet get's the same profile but without the cabinet section.

    You will get the best results with "merged Profiles", but also "studio profiles" can sound great.

    If you have a "direct Profile" only, you can add a cabinet. Click and hold the white Cabinet button then use the Browse dial to cycle through the cabs of your KPA (or use the Rig Manager for this. You can also do this with any other profiles or course.

    You can also find this in the Main Manual (English version, 8.5) . Have a look at page 86 (and ongoing).

    P.S.: What profiler do you use? If you don't have a version with the built in power amp ("unpowered") you need a power amp between your profiler and your cabinet.

  • it’s a Stage with a Freyette LXII. I posted that in my OP.

  • it’s a Stage with a Freyette LXII. I posted that in my OP.

    my bad... sorry.

    Either I didn't read it or I thought it's a pedal...


    this is what I did the last time I played live. It sounded good. But afterwards i read on the web that a real cab/power amp setup sounds best with direct profiles. I haven’t actually tried this setup yet.

    if I use a merged profile in the manner you described above will the Kemper automatically know to send the studio profile to the mains and the direct profile to the monitor send? (I understand about checking the “cab off” box in the output section. This is how I currently have it set up.)

    Or should I send the cab signal out the direct out Jack? Does this still require the cab off box to be checked?

    I saw in the manual a setup using the direct out, so it’s a little unclear as to what the best method is.

    The method with main outs to FOH, Monitor out to power amp and cabinet is the recommended way by kemper (and the logical one for me).

    This graphic is from the main manual (page 89) and shows how you should use it with a cabinet on stage and a PA in front of the stage.

    And yes, the profiler knows how to seperate the signal ways. If you're interested in this topic, have a look here. They describe the differences between the different types of profiles: Differences between studio and merged profiles (The manual will also be mentioned there).

    As long as you (and the sound engineer and the audience maybe) are happy with the sound, use it.

  • IMO...When using a power amp or the powerhead, Direct Profiles sound allot different then Studio and Merged, that we all know. However I also find that Merged profiles do sound better then Studio profiles when using a real cabinet.