Solved: Kemper + Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN - Which System Settings

  • Hello, :-)

    I connected my Pedal to the Kemper. For Switch 1 i used a TLS stereo cable and for switch 2 a mono cable.

    On some rigs on stomp D i placed a wah wah. What are the right system settings if i want to use the pedal as a volume pedal if stomp D is off and as a wah wah pedal if stomp D is turned on?

    Can you help me? :)

    Thank in advance.

  • Cabling and settings seem ok. So I'm wondering why your are asking and what isn't working as expected.

    If the toe switch doesn't work, press Calibrate and press twice.

    If the wah effect doesn't foloow the pedal as expected check Pedal Mode within the wah effect.

  • Burkhard

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  • Hi, I have the same problem that I can't solve (only the wah works and not the volume,

    with the same settings that I see in the photos).

    What is the error you found ?


  • Make sure there is no active wah effect in any effect module within that Rig.

    As long as there is an activate wah effect only the bars of Wah Pedal and Wah Pitch will follow you sweeps.

    If all wah effects are off or there are no wah effects within the current Rig, all three bars including Volume Pedal will follow the sweeps.

    If the bar for Volume PEdal does follow but you don't hear a volume difference, check Rig Settings:

    Volume Pedal Range,

    Volume Pedal Location in relation to Output Source.

  • Thanks, but maybe I didn't make myself clear.

    I would need, within the same rig, that the pedal works both from volume and from wah.

    Volume function and then, by switching with the pedal, wah function.

    Is it possible to do this with the Mission EP1-KP-GN pedal?