My Rig Manager wish list - I'll be keeping it updated with new ideas

  • Hello. For the last few days, I've gone back to using Rig Manager after a long time. It's now way better than when I used it last, but I wish it could do some stuff that is currently not possible.

    So, I decided to post my wish list for Rig Manager features. I apologise in advance if any of these things are already implemented and I just don't know about them.

    I'll probably keep adding stuff to this list, what I have so far are the more obvious (to me) shortcomings.

    Here it goes:

    1) When creating a folder, automatically re-sort the folder list on the Locations panel. As it is now, only restarting Rig Manager puts new folders in their right sorting place,

    2) Auto Column size - I think the column sizes in the List section should always auto-resize to fit their content. I'm constantly having to resize the Date column, for example in order to see the complete contents. I find this one really annoying,

    3) There should be a default sorting option for all lists on the List panel. As it works now, I constantly have to switch the sort order to fit my needs. If a user decides to change the sort order for some section or folder, Rig Manager should remember it and keep the alternative sorting option for the next time the folder is visited, even between Rig Manager re-starts, but otherwise the default option should be respected everywhere. Also, there should be a way to reset every list in Rig Manager to the default sort option again, if the user has changed a bunch of them and just wants everything ordered again according to the default. Obviously, all these choices should be kept after Rig Manager restarts.

    4) The size of the editor panel on the bottom should be saved between Rig Manager re-starts. For example, I use the output section a lot and I always have to resize the panel in order to see all I need. In fact, ALL panels - Locations, List, Inspector and Editor - should remember the previously selected sizes between Rig Manager re-starts.

    5) There should be a way to reset a parameter to the default option using the mouse and keyboard like lots of us are used to in DAW's. Something like CTRL+Click or ALT+Click should reset the clicked parameter.

    6) I know that SHIFT+Drag allows for precision editing of parameters, but it is finicky and it would be great if double-clicking on a parameter allowed numeric input of the desired values. Way faster and less annoying.

    7) More nested folder depth. It doesn't have to be a huge amount but a few more nested folder levels should be possible.

    8) Drag and drop of folders should be possible on the Locations panel. Where it does not make sense, like for example dragging a folder inside the MyProfiler, it just wouldn't allow it, but between Local Library folders it should definitely be possible.

    If I missed something and Rig Manager can already do some of these things, I apologise in advance to the other users and the developers.

    I'd love to read everyone's thoughts on these suggestions!

    Miguel Barrosa

  • good list and I would welcome many of those features.

    #5 is currently possible. Right click on the parameter and you should see two options - reset to default values or reset to saved values.

    #6 is an absolute no-brainer that really needs to be added ASAP

    Hi Wheresthedug. Thanks for the feedback!

    Regarding #5 I know about the solution you mentioned but I don't think it's the same. Maybe I'm being picky but the right-click then menu select workflow is not as efficient as just something like CMD+Click on a parameter. Furthermore, it's very likely that Kemper users as musicians are used to working in DAW's and in all of the ones I used the Keyboard+Click to set something to default (eg Level=0 or Pan=Center) is pretty much expected behaviour.

  • OFSnap I totally agree with you. In fact one of my regular feature requests is that ability to control everything in RM from keyboard shortcuts instead of mouse clicks (like most DAWs). I would love the ability to create user customised shortcuts rather than just a series of predefined key commands. Holding a pick and working a mouse at the same time is a lot less user friendly that key commands.