Volume boost morphing while using wah

  • I have been using the amp's profile volume to morph as a boost for solos, fills, etc. When my wah button is lit even though I have it set to "heel off" , I hit the button to morph, the wha gets activated, it starts to "wah" when my volume increases, then stops. It's annoying. I've used an eq in the X section previously to boost also, it did the same. My morph settings are under a second each, rise/fall. How does one use a volume boost with out activating the wah besides turning it completely off ? Btw, was hoping to less tap dance Ex: button to morph on remote, hit wah button on remote(when needed) then go to expression pedal if needed in solo. Hope this makes sense :S

  • MorphPedal to Wah and MorphPedal to Pitch are activated by default. And this means, that your Morph Pedal controls wah effects and pedal pitch effects simultaneously to Morphing. If you trigger Morphing via button to trigger your boost, this simulates the sweep of a Morph Pedal corresponding to the Rise Time and Fall Time set. Wah Pedal and Pitch Pedal follow this simulation. This is intentional functionality.

    You can either deactivate MorphPedal to Wah. This way you can control Morphing and wah effects with dedicated pedals.

    Or you need to seperate Rigs, where you want to control wah effects and those where you want to use Morphing via one Morph Pedal.