Volume pedal settings - Location Pre Stomps

  • I want the volume pedal from my midi pedalboard set to be first in the signal chain so that I can set it to a minimum for rhythm and to a max for lead. In the correspondent way to do this I go to Rig Settings page 3/6. But in Location I'm in vain looking for Pre Stomps in my Power Head. Where has this function gone to?

    This picture was taken from the video about Volume Settings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdXNZR_kjxg

  • It has just been renamed to Input. This is the description of the parameter in the current Main Manual:

    ¨   Volume Pedal Location

    Selects the location of the Volume Pedal in the signal flow:


    The Volume Pedal has no effect.


    Directly before the A module

    Pre Stack

    Right after the D module. At this position, you control the gain of the amplifier.

    Post Stack

    Right before the X module. At this position, you control the overall volume of the sound, but delay and reverb tails will still decay naturally, when you swell down the pedal.


    Right after the REV module. At this position, you control the overall volume of the sound, including reverb and delay tails that can instantly be attenuated.

  • Thanks Burkhard! So Input means the same as Pre Stomps?

    And as for a minimum to maximum in this Input function: I now notice a more clean sound at a minimum (let's say -3.0) then at the max (-5.0) At lower volume it loses gain...

    Say I want a preadjusted setting for a minimum and maximum volume for all rigs it won't be global? So I have to lock this setting to have it in general?