FCB1010 / Uno4kemper not recognized after update

  • LS,

    After the last OS Beta and regular OS update the Kemper is not recognizing the Behringer floorboard anymore. Nothing's changed in the settings, nothing's changed in the cables, it just fails to make any connection. My set up is only at home, so there is no moving around or disconnecting and reconnecting equipment, KPA or Behringer. This happened I think around a year ago as well and was then solved with an OS update, but now it seems to be permanent and was not recovered with the last OS update. Does anyone recognize this, and maybe know what could have happened and how to solve this?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • I came to say that I know uno4kemper works in the latest update, but kemper support came before to tell the same. Any other company would have said "uno4kemper is not offially supported by us, we cannot help you, go buy our remote instead", but not kemper support. Love you guys.