Cable quality for profiling?

  • Hi,

    i want to make my own profiles, in a good quality of course.

    How important ist the cable quality for the profiling process?

    Would you say if you only use good and expensive cables it would make a difference to if you used one or two cables that are smaller in diameter?

    Normally in the amp world you say, the most important cable is the one going from your guitar to the first device that buffers the signal. After that you wouldn't hear a difference if the other cables were smaller.

    Speaking of studio and direct/merged profiling.


  • TRS and XLR cables are noise canceling by nature. It doesn't mean that you couldn't get some noise introduced into your signal, it will take a little more interference to get it.

    I don't use expensive cables when it comes to XLR or TRS cables. I use cables that have good guarantees on them from some of the bigger stores. They work well. I use them in the studio as well as live. I have not had any issues with profiling so far.