I'm In Kemper Land!

  • The great part is that feeling doesn't go away. I still have that feeling years later. With some gear, you have that "honeymoon period", where you love it and overlook some little things. After a while, those little things become big things and you really begin to wonder what you go yourself into. Thankfully, that never happens with the Kemper. The features are so deep, you can learn new things about it years later. ENJOY!!!!!

    So glad to hear that!

    Woke up this morning learning about the new Kemper beta and that Double Tracker will soon be available. I almost cried in happiness knowing this unit just keeps getting better, while I have still so much to learn about all the features it already has! Just utterly amazing.

    In 2021 I started a YouTube channel featuring acts playing live from my studio. Would love for you to check us out at https://bit.ly/livefrompfd. The Kemper's won't make an appearance on the show until Sept 2021, when we resume.