Two new tunes combining lots of synths and electric guitars

  • I've always liked composing with synthesizers since the first day I could afford one and I've been influenced by a lot of composers over the years. One thing that surprised me when I started thinking about it about a year ago is that, from what I've heard, there are few electronic music composers who use electric guitars in their compositions/arrangements.

    I thought I would try to write something using a lot of synths together with a lot of guitars. Since then I've written five tunes

    These are the first two tunes. I hope you find them interesting!


    Mats N

  • Cool thing Mats, great combination of sounds.

    First one reminds me a lot of Jan Hammer. One of the very few keyboard / synthesizer based song writers who incorporated a lot of guitar(like) sounds. I really dig the stuff he did back in the 80s for Miami Vice on TV :)

    Second one is in the Depeche Mode territory for me. And they started using guitars more and more at some point in time. Can virtually hear Dave singing on this one. Bluesy chord progression doesn't fit a 100% to the cool sound I'd say.

    Thanks for sharing :thumbup:8)