Can Effects Buttons 1-4 on the Remote be setup to work globally in Browser Mode like a stomp box?

  • Hello there,

    Can Effects Buttons 1-4 be setup to work globally in Browser Mode like a stomp box?

    I'm fairly new to Kemper world in that I've had it a year, found a handful of Rigs I like and have not really done much else. My Remote has largely sat on the floor plugged in but unused.

    I've been searching off and on all day, including reading the Remote manual and the Profiler head manual, searching the forums here, watching Kemper's videos and any other video I could find.

    I've had my Remote for a year but have barely used it frankly. I know how to assign Buttons 1-4 to an individual Rig. However, in Browser mode, as I try out each rig, I have to go in and assign my "typical" Effects individually for every rig I try.

    Either I'm over thinking it or am guilty of still thinking about it in a traditional amp / pedal board scenario. But, if I took my former pedalboard and wanted to test 10 real amps in a store, I'd just plug into another amp and have my entire pedal board, rather than having to add one at a time etc.

    Thanks in advance, and my apology for being so new to it.


  • Yes and from your statement

    I assume you didn't read Main Manual 8.5 which you can download from the support section of the Kemper web.

    I did read the Remote section of the main 8.5 manual but since I thought it was more of a function of the Remote settings that where I was looking. Thanks!