iOS app does not connect

  • Hi all,

    Quick question here. I've gone back and forth with the guys from Kemper, and unfortunately my issue has been forwarded to the development team.

    My Stage does not connect to the app.

    When I scan the QR code -> cannot connect to MyProfiler network

    When I enter manual password -> password not correct.

    All apps and devices are fully updated.

    Does anyone has or had the same issue? If so, how did you solve it?



  • I have the same problem with the powered head. i've not been able to solve it.

    the profiler has an IP address, which matches what my router thinks it is. My ipad is on the same network, it'll never connect.

    the kemper is hardwired to the router, the ipad wireless to the same router's wifi.

    just following this thread in case it helps lol

  • i have the same issue, with my kemper stage.

    Last agoust everithing was working.

    Now it doesn't work in access mode setting, if i set the stage in Home network mode it works.

    Access point Mode, doesnt connect any of my 2 ipads animore, and says "wrong password" even i use the QR code metohd.

    Any help?

    Any tips?

    Maybe my ipads are updated and something changed (6th generation, and mini2) , but some month ago, they were able to connect.

    I trued to connect my mac and my android device to the "MyProfiler" SSID also them says "wrong password".

  • i found solution.

    I changed in system fist page ( than "edit Owner") the name of the device , turn off the unit and the new networks isn't anymore "MyProfiler" but the device name i choice and it works.

    Maybe was some mismatch.