Harmonic pitch problems

  • Can anyone help me? I'm trying to program my kemper to harmonise 3rds of the Ab phrygian dominant scale. Or the Db Harmonic minor. I know the intervals and stuff but I'm not sure how to use the interface or whether I'm putting them in the right place when I play the scale it sounds completely out. Cheers, also it says edit scale 1, edit scale 2. But my interval 1 is set on user scale one and interval 2 is unison. If someone could clarify where I'm being stupid it'd be much appreciated. Can't find any info online. Also, when I change the number at all on step one. The first harmony note doesn't change. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

  • Interval 1 -> User Scale1 is correct.

    also set the Key to Ab

    and Voice Balance to -50, so you only hear one of the two pitch shifters

    press edit User Scale

    let's say you want to harmonize the phygian dominant scale with thirds above:

    I'll do this in E, since it's easier and doesn't matter for setting the intervals ;) (and it avoids Bbb and similar things)

    E -> maj3rd Step 0

    F -> maj3rd Step 1

    G# -> min3rd Step 4

    A -> min3rd Step 5

    B ->min3rd Step 7

    C -> maj3rd Step 8

    D -> min3rd Step 10

    I left out the other steps, since they are not notes in the scale (see how in E the Step# and the fret# of the open E string coincide).

    The extra steps are handy to have, though, if you decide to play outside or add chromatic notes, since you can then specify exactly how the pitchshifter will behave then.


  • but you still need to remember to convert min3rd to 3 and major 3rd to 4 when entering as Kpemper uses semi tones rather than intervals. It would be much easier and more intuitive if there was the ability to enter proper musical intervals.

    the pitch shifter has a range of +/-36 semitones - so I feel a clear value is easier to display and process by the user.
    it also avoids possible mis-naming, like b5th instead of aug4th, which is something that bothers me and is WAY too present everywhere already ;)

  • I have to strongly disagree with you that one Don but we can still be friends 😉 it would be simple to allow users to ise intervals and would make much more sense and be more intuitive. If some users want to use absolute values they could still do that but it drives me made having to use semi tons instead of musical intervals.

  • mind you the spreadsheet may help me.

    But what does H B mean ?

    Not H flat ? Again in descending g# ?

    I bought a book on modes the other week aswell. Still none the wiser 🤣

    for some reason (there are many theories) the german spelling of the note 'B' is 'H'

    to make things even more 'fun', 'Bb' besomes 'B' in the german way of spelling (which I avoid since the early 90s btw) :)