Kemper Drive - which model I'm using now and selecting different models.

  • Hi,

    Sorry if this is obvious but I haven't found it yet in the manuals, videos or playing with Rig Manager (last one being my preference).

    So, how do I change the Kemper Drive from the Horizon to the Klon?

    I can right click on the Kemper Drive in my performance...I can't see which model I'm using, and then a mouse click per menu - so that's 4 mouse clicks to change / audition a different model:

    and I can do the same thing starting with a left click on the stomp pedal or circle with horizontal lines in the left hand corner.

    Surely there's a quicker way to do this - I've already selected the Kemper Drive in my peformance, I just want to change the model....

    And I should be able to see in Rig Manager which model I started with?



  • There are no individual "models".

    Everything is just the Kemper Drive.

    It is so flexible it can be used to capture the essence of most Over Drive Pedals in the same effect.

    Whereas most modeling systems provide a fixed set of pedals with limited range of control to mimic specific pedals (mainly for the psychological impact of making the user feel they are using the real thing) Kemper just gives you the flexibility to create them all (and more) within the same effect.

    Each "pedal" is just a preset. It is simply recalling a bunch of settings which give the sound of a Klon etc at specific settings on the pedal.

    Rather than thinking about the Kemper Drive as a Klon/808/Horizon etc. Just use the presets to help understand how the controls work then make a sound you like.

  • Hi,

    That makes sense....however, as the presets are great starting points, it would be so much easier if within RM you could audition the presets moving up and down a list....rather than having to go through 4 clicks each time. It would also be great for the preset you have loaded to be shown by name when you click into the drive stomp.



  • That’s pretty much the way it was previously but so many users wanted right click menus that it looks like the team finally gave in and gave them what they wanted . It reminds me of the old saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” 😂

  • There's a way you can get pretty close to that, but it takes a little setup since they changed how the Kemper Drives are loaded.

    If you make a folder under Presets\Local Library (I have one named New OD), then put a copy of the presets in that folder. Originally this was the only way to use the presets.

    Then when you're on a rig of a performance, select the slot where your OD will be. Now you can just double click any preset in the folder to load it, so you can pretty easily go through the whole set wi9th just a single double click to change. You can also save any custom settings you like as a new preset to use in the same way.

    As far as showing the names, I doubt Kemper will change that since you could do things like loading Klon1, then customize it to the same settings that would have been Klon2. So is it now Klon1 or Klon2? Not that it would hurt anything, but I'd imagine that's how they think of it.