Potential unintended profiling game changer. Or I'm insane

  • Omg omg omg, I found a game changer for my fellow Kemperers! So here I am profiling captures and capturing Profiles, I decided to do a no cab profile of a capture because I thought the ones with a cab had too much bass and not enough clear krang. To compare the two I loaded the same IR in the kemper as I had in the cortex and after I refined it, IT SAVED THE REFINE WITH THE CAB INCLUDED, thought I was crazy when I switched back and forth from reference (the cortex) to the profile, the cab block un-lit It self so I loaded a another cab and got that double cab sim sound! So I went nuts and loaded a treble booster and a metal Zone and refined it again. IT REFINED ITSELF WITH THE DIST STOMPS! I freaking out right now. That means that we can refine profiles with boosts and distortion and eq and save BLOCKS! Cheerio! 🙃

  • This is definitely a cab off profile thing going on and maybe even a post cab block thing. Brb

    Ok, After some testing I have found then when I changed the source tone back to having an ir and refined it, the kemper picked up on that change. I went from cab to no cab to more gain to less gain on the cortex and everything I did different then the refinement adjusted, which was interesting to hear audibly. Like someone playing with a dry blend knob on distortion.

    I suppose with the right effects loop routing maybe back to the source you could implement the kempers own boost, dist, eq, stomps to the refinement process that way.

  • Andy sneap was talking about something like this on youtube. He said it was a way to make the kemper better, but you needed some sort of third party eq matching software. He would basically use a d.i. track through an example in a daw I guess to trick the kemper into thinking it was an amp and mic.