Thinking of selling my Kemper for the Tim Henson Neural DSP?

  • Life's too short to worry about a device if you feel your tone isn't what you expect. We all have different tastes, so it could be that you just aren't feeling the Kemper.

    That said, download the trial of the Neural plugin, dial up some tones and then profile them with the Kemper. (Not sure how ethical that is, now that I think of it)

    After you're done, play the plugin, play the Kemper and see whether you still have the same opinion.

    The advantage of the Kemper is that you already have it, it is portable, and you can use it in a variety of situations.

    The plugin, on the other hand, requires you to cart around a laptop and an interface.

    In the end, no one can take the call for you. I've also had periods where I felt the Kemper wasn't doing it for me, but I always bought another one down the line, because it is a very handy tool to have.

  • Different users with different needs.

    I tried the Neural stuff...wasn;t impressed sound wise, crashed my computer etc.

    Also I use my 90% for live so a plugin is of little practical use. plus I have way more flex with the KPA so comparing the 2 depends on intended use as well.

    The point here is, there is no single perfect answer. On most digital equipment you have invest some time and cost - I think my mate spends more time fiddling with his Helix than I do my Kemper but there are other reasons ( he is very picky about his sound etc). The point here is it should be relatively quick to get really good sounds.

    You are either not feeling it or missing something in the overall set up.

    Anyway, go with what makes you happy.....

  • I'll close this thread now. The OP hasn't replied to anything here since about a week and also it feels a bit like what needed to said has already been said. If you disagree you can always open a new thread.

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