Profiler Rigs Tags Editor

  • Hey Laurent,

    This is a brilliant edit, working much more stable now, I've tried with a few different rigs.

    Now that it is working well is there any way to make it more "efficient" to use such as :

    - left align all text and menu descriptions to make it easier and quicker to read
    - once you have typed in something in a box if you could make it when you push enter to go on to the next box below
    - if when you get to a box that has a predefined menu could you type just the first letter (for instance M) and it jump to the full answer (Marshall)?
    - add the 'Neumann U87' on to the mic list a very common mic for room mic blending
    - add the word 'Shure' before SM57 and SM58 to match with your other mics list

    Have you on purposely disabled the write feature until you are happy to release this?

  • Thanks for the feedback,

    You know software is not my full time job so I'm not very skilled to add all the fearures

    I disabled the write function because i can not test it, i first need to buy a KPA, maybe in september, or if i can find some testers..
    I don't want to be responsible of any crash , thats's why i can not deliver this feature
    All I can say at this moment is that importing then exporting files without changing any tag leads to have both the original and the copy identical.

    When it will be possible to activate this feature, the edit menu will allow to add some new mics, amps,...
    I'm currently fixing some bugs linked to the lists editing/saving and will provide a new version soon.

    But do not expect too much from me, i have limited skills

  • Nice one,

    If you'd like I'm willing to beta test with your instruction.

    I could create a patch save it as rig 1, then edit it on the kpa and save it as a seperate rig 2.

    Them edit rig 1 on the tag extractor program save this as rig 3 and compare rig 2 and 3 or send them to you to compare shall we say to see if there's any discrepencys in the coding not just the writing of the tags, maybe it has parity checks or something crazy like that?

    I can't believe how amazing you are at this and you don't even have a kemper. If this goes well I think CK should give you a discount off a new one for putting back so much in to the community.

    I will try the new version tomorrow.

    P.s. do you have any kind of test you wish me to try on it, I noticed you can 'enable' the write ;)

  • Laurent,

    I will help test the write feature. I loaded the Python 2.7 and loaded a Rig and adjusted settings, but "write" is still disabled. Do I need a different version to test the feature?

    Also I had two issues when testing basic operations:

    1. When using the Mic drop down I get this error in the Python GUI window.

    Exception in Tkinter callback
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "C:\Python27\lib\lib-tk\", line 1410, in __call__
    return self.func(*args)
    File "C:\Users\Lonnie\Downloads\Kemper\kpa_tag_inspector\", line 504, in set_mictype
    NameError: global name 'mictype_popup_value' is not defined

    2. When selecting my personal Rigs folder for the Generate CSV, I get a CSV with garbage characters.

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.


  • Thanks so much to help debugging.

    I fixed the problem of the undefined variable, the dropbox content is updated

    I will now focus on the corrupted csv file.

    Keep you informed,

    PS : I tried with several user backups and could not find an issue in the different csv files:

    - did you import the csv file using ";" as a separator ?
    - i only have a french vernon of excel, but here is the sequence i use:
    file -> import ->csv-> here do not choose fixed width, but the other choice (limited ?) -> select ";" as the only separator -> end

    the problem may come also from some special characters in your rig names, don't know

    If desired we can continue this discussion via PM


  • A short status :

    Working with a forum member we started to test the "write tags" feature :

    - First step was to import/export rigs without modifying any tag in order to check that no data were missing during the writing.

    We automated some tests for this step, we compared the contents of both the source file and the exported one :
    1350 rigs from different forum members backups were tested
    Some of these modified rigs (randomly chosen ) were successfully imported into :
    - Rig exchange
    - KPA ( the forum member could play the rigs )


    Next test is to fill a usb stick with all these rigs and to import them on the KPA

    - Second step : start to really write tags.

    some rigs exported from the tool could be imported into the kpa, Rig exchange but it was noticed that some tags were not updated correctly (but the .kipr could be uploaded into the KPA)

    We are fixing these problems, we will keep you informed.


  • I have been helping Laurent (Guy Tarero) test for the past two days. We have been doing some intensive testing. Luckily it didn't let any magic smoke out of my box.

    The good news is I have been able to load .kipr files, change or add tags, write them, and load them back into the KPA with no issues. There were a few mixups along the way, but Laurent is very fast at finding and fixing whatever is holding it up.

    It would be good if a couple more people could volunteer to test the write features as well just to make sure I am not missing anything. Let Laurent know if you would like to help out.


  • I'm very interested in testing the Rig Extractor. Since firmware 1.1.1 allows for filtering and sorting by tags, now all I really need to be in heaven is a this piece of software to edit the tags properly. Most amps are unfortunately not tagged in a way I would search for. I really would use use the Rig Extractor to extreme ;)

    I'll sent Laurent a PN.

  • Some test results from 2 testers :

    tester 1 Using firmware version 1.1.1 :
    we started from 20 rigs.
    here is the test sequence that was applied :

    for each of these rigs
    for each tag in 'Rig name', 'rig author', 'rig date' and 'Amp'
    substitute tag by the value of the counter and generate a new kipr file
    counter = counter +1

    Then all files were put on a usb stick, uploaded on the KPA
    Using the new sort feature, we could check that the corresponding tag was increasing from 0 to 19

    tester 2I have edited 28 files from various sources (Ampfactory, Rig Exchange, my own profiles from my Marshall) and they all import well and they actually work. I've played all of them to make sure I don't crash when playing

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No more tester willing to join the party ? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<