Repurposed my 2010 Atomic Reactor FR50 Combo

  • Had my 2010 reactor up for sale locally for 250 dollars. No hits in nearly 2 years, so....

    I have always really liked the quality of the cabinet itself, so I thought what if I were to put a Kemper Kone in it?... Hmmmn

    A couple issues with that; 1. power amp is rated for 8ohms not 4. 2. There's a bass reflex port and a tweeter that are not needed.

    3. This thing is heavy!

    My solution was to pull the power amp and components, also the tweeter and bass reflex tube. This left me with 3 holes to fill. Quarter inch plywood was the fix along with an input jack where the power amp used to be. Dropped in the Kone... Done!..., Well, except for an external power source.

    Sounds great! The power amp was really heavy. The cab is a bit oversized, but looks great and serves as a great monitor wedge or backline amp solution!:)

  • I have seen the thread here about that and definitely a great option for this custom setup. However, having bought a second Kemper "Stage" and a Gretsch Broacster the year before, I have to lay low with my wife for a while lol.

    Using a BAM 200 with it in my studio for now.

    Another reason I may stay with an external is that I have a 2x12 cab that may get loaded with Kones if the need arises.