Creating profiles and RE low votes

  • When I make profiles, I try to make a bunch of profiles for all different configurations, mic positions, etc. to get the widest range for anyone that might use any of these profiles.

    Some are made for my guitars, which are maple and have JB humbuckers in them. Others are made brighter for those with muddier pickups. Others are created with people with overly bright pickups.

    I post all different types, for a wider user base. I noticed that people have down voted the ones that may not be made for their guitar configuration, and give the ones that work with their guitar a 5 star vote. These are profiles of the same amp/cab. The thing that changes is amp settings and mic positions.

    Now I am not saying that anything I make deserves anything. But I wonder if the current voting system works. Or, do I simply put out my “best” that works for me? Those are the ones that seem to get high votes. To be honest, I wonder if it’s worth putting in the work to make all types of profiles.

    Lately I haven’t posted profiles on RE and have actually contemplated joining the paid profiles ranks, mainly because my amps seem to be the ones that are not readily represented in RE. At least then people would understand that a pack would be made with a wide range of configurations in mind.

    Anyone else make profiles this way, or just make them for themselves?

  • rig exchange is really subjective. I typically use paid profiles by Michael Britt because I think they sound better. But I have also created some of my own, and scoured a lot of stuff on Rig Exchange.

    The one on Rig Exchange with good rating, I find to my ears generally sound pretty poor. Honestly some of the high rated rigs sound dreadful to these ears. But I think that's because of all the other variables in how people use their kempers.

    My profiles are just how I like my amp to sound, and I'd fully expect a lot of people to not like them.

    Check out some of mine and see what you think. Just search jkplaysguutar