flash drive

  • Good Day,

    I have a rack kemper in my studio, for recording and rehearsals and a lunch box one in a rack for my live rig. I play in two different bands. The lunch box ( live rig) has only been used for band #1, I use one performance. Well, Im getting ready to launch band #2 (different style) and I've tweak a bad as performance rig on my rack kemper in my studio. Is there a way to transfer the ONE new performance for band #2 from my studio into the live rig lunch box kemper via flash drive without deleting the rig or any info for band #1 on my live rig lunch box kemper.. I don't want to use Rig Manager, there is no way to bring the live rig home at the moment.. If there is a way could someone please give me detailed and I mean baby step detailed instructions.. Please! Thank you, Angelo

  • IMPORTANT: Your live KPA cannot have an older version of the OS version than your Studio KPA if you want to try this method.

    Try this (it may work, but, I have not tried it):

    Make a backup of your live KPA. Make another one, as a safety copy.

    Open the Performances window from one of the Backup files in Rig Manager.

    Insert the Chosen Performance into the Backup file Performances window.

    To confirm the Backup has been updated:

    Close the Backup, remove the USB drive from your computer, and then insert it again.

    View it in Rig Manager. If the Performance has been added, restore this Backup to your Live KPA.

    If you have any problems, restore the safety copy Backup to your Live KPA.