Vintage Chorus. 'Rate'. How does this relate to duration?

  • When recording I utilize my Kemper with no effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger,..) and normally add them to the track. I do this in case I ever want to change the tempo of a project.

    I have decided that I am NEVER going to change the tempo of a projects ever again (as it is a PIA)!

    On the Kemper Vintage Chorus, what exactly is the resolution of the 'Rate'?

    Say for instance I have a profile at 162Bpm. Is the 'Rate' related to the Bpm in some fashion.

    Say I have tap enabled and I tap at 13Bpm. Does the 'Rate' change?

    Finally, what is the resolution of the rate?

    I understand milli-seconds, seconds, note durations (1/16. 1/8, 1/4...), but I do not understand 1.5, 2.5 3.5 (values of the rate chicken knob).

    Yes I could 'tweak it to taste' but I do not trust my ears!

    Thanks in advance.

  • From the Main Manual chapter Tempo:


    Once activated, the TAP button starts blinking and the “Tempo Enable” soft button in Rig Settings is highlighted. Now that “Tempo” is engaged and active, the respective “Rate” parameters of the modulation effects (Phaser, Flanger, and Tremolo) will show you musical values instead of absolute time values.

    The “Rate” control is based on a special philosophy, that allows continuous control over the speed of the modulation, even when linked to the current tempo. The “Rate” control spans a wide range - from 32 bars to about a 1/64 note for Phaser and Flanger effects, and from a 1/2 note to about 1/64 note for Tremolo. Within those ranges the speed doubles a couple of times. For every doubling of the rate, you can dial through twelve individual speeds in nearly equal spacing. The distance from one value to the next is about 6%, which should be fine enough to accommodate any speed you might desire. Within each of the twelve values, you will find the value for the binary division (quarter notes, eight notes, etc.). You can also choose dotted and triplet positions between those. All other values are marked with a simple “_” due to space restrictions. However, even those values have a certain time division. This distribution is repeated with every doubling of the Modulation Rate.


  • Thanks Burkhard.

    I do not believe that the vintage chorus acts like the effects outlined in the section of the manual you directed me to.

    No matter what I do the rate will not display in musical values.

    Again. I am looking for exactly how one relates the 0-10 (the range of the rate selector) to a duration (either seconds / milli-seconds or musical values in relation to the current tempo.