kemper crashes at start up

  • Hi Guys,

    I was using the kemper and rig manager told me I needed an update for rig manager, which I did. Then it asked whether I wanted to update the kemper to the new beta, I said yes. Since then, the kemper crashes at start up. When I turn it on, it does its thing, and then is stucked on "creating cache data for presets" forever before the error message.

    I tried multiple things :

    - to reset rig/midi/systen while holding the rig/quick/system soft button while turning the kemper on, no message appeared or anything, it powered for ever untill it crashed again, each time.

    I tried to reboot from an old firmware of the kemper (7.3.2) using a USB stick, it did not work at all.

    I am running out of things to try. Is there anything else not risky I can try (I already contacted the kemper support), and is there a way to backup what I have in the kemper with this problem still on ? (my back up is getting old).



  • I've hass issues when booting up, it boots up, when it's done booting up it stays on the KPA logo. I did that hold down the system and rig button and start it up inn tuner mode, it looked like that was the fix, but the day after i had the same problem.

    It does not happen every time, but it's a pain in the a#@ when it happens, and it's not even a year old..

    Support ticket opened