The Fear

  • The geetar "disappeared" at 8s, brother. Could've been a mixdown mistake you didn't hear 'cause you assumed it'd be there. Then again, it may have been intentional, mirroring a possible fire on the horizon's creeping ever closer? Trying my best to make excuses for you here brother. :D

    Anyway, finally the main geetar's roughly where it should be in the mix level-wise in the A section. Drums get drowned out in the B section, but hey, you can't have everything, right? :D

    Well-done, mate. :thumbup:

  • Thanks for checking it out chaps.

    Monkey_Man Thanks, and interesting. I appreciate the more critical feedback as I think that means you feel I'm more leveled up enough to make good use of it. The only problem is I think I lack the critical facility to hear and address the issues you mention easily, maybe al little hint there could help kick my butt in the right direction? Is there a specific instrument in the kit you're listening out for that I should be paying attention to? The drums as a whole are really really loud right now here at least, twice as loud as anything else in the b-section. My main focus is the kick/bass guitar balance and taming the cymbals so they remain articulate but loose the overpowering splashy white noise, till now the rest has just been a case of finding sounds that I like the timbre of and that's it. Obviously I want it all, which is probably too much to ask, I want individual instruments to have punch punch but also I want to avoid the elimination of contrast between song sections - so quiet guitar should IMO be quiet, builds should get loud, and drums shouldn't be shy. But there has to be room for the other instruments too.

  • I can't really judge the kick and bass brother 'cause of the ol' CrapMac ZeroBass™ mono system.

    The intro geetar disappeared 'til about the 30s mark. It sounded as if we were listening to a 'verb return and not the actual track.

    The balance was fine from there to around 1 minute. That left plenty of headroom for the 2-note vocal line, so it sounded great.

    After that, you'll notice that vox line got buried 'cause the main geetar came up a whole lot. The snare was suffocated in that section too. Same reason I reckon - just the geetar level cranking up too-high.

    So yeah, whilst I can't hear any bass on my system, I still pick up cues and can make a vague judgement on drum levels at least 'cause the click of the kick comes through.

    HTH brother.

  • Ok, well that makes it hard to really judge. Small speakers of course can only reproduce sounds within a specific frequency range, the smaller the speaker the higher that range is before it loses all response. I tend to prefer dark mixes without clicky kick drums which will lose some of the punch as more sounds come in on smaller speakers.

    But check out the next mix I'm doing. The drums are actually far further back than in this mix, but they're much more upper mids focussed which should bring them forward massively on the small speaker. The levels will be matched to a classic 80's rock track that also had vocals so guitar not at solo section levels.