More Blocks!!

  • I think the best way to start in this direction is to

    Add more eq in more places, input eq, amp

    parametric and or graphic, and cab parametric and or graphic.

    Add noise gates to dist and boost stomps and/or

    Allow the front gate to be selectable by type and moveable in the chain.

  • There's a chorus dial added to some of the reverbs and delays already. They even have a drive to add distortion.

    As far as I understood, those effects are added only to the specific effect signal.

    So, chorus is added only to the delay or reverb tails. It’s nothing like having a chorus on the guitar signal first and then having that sent to a reverb or delay in the same block. .
    If I want a chorus on my guitar signal, I want the original signal chorused and then have that sent serially to the delay and reverb which then choruses those effects signals too.

    I don’t want a delayed signal that is chorused or a reverb tail that is then modulated with the dry signal left without any chorus glued to the actual main guitar signal. .

    What you describe would be me hitting a note with a delay or reverb and then only hearing the chorus when the delay or reverb signal eventually sounds. So, if the delay is 400ms. I would hit a note that would be un-chorused. Then, 400ms later, a delay would come in with a chorus only on the delay taps.

    What I was suggesting was a multi block where there is a simple chorus section placed before and separate from a delay block.

    Yes, there are the more complex delay blocks where you can kind of set this up but there is a problem with them. The chorus effect ended up sounding like a slap back. Even with the chorus set to about 5 to 14 ms, it was delayed by about 55 ms and sounded like a slap back.

    I did mention it to Christoph. He acknowledged the problem with that block. It may have been fixed since but I have seen no mention of it. I came across it when trying to emulate a Tri Stereo chorus type effect like the TERC I own.

    I have most of my favourite Kemper sounds programmed and apart from a couple of things, I am happy with them.
    A multi Fx block was just a suggestion for others that are struggling with running out of blocks.
    It’s something I may not use often but I think it would be useful for others.

  • I agree with the comments ref blocks.

    But then again think how far the kempers come from the original blue print of what it set out to do.

    Don't get me wrong its the best piece of gear I've ever bought and I think ive had it 8 years now.

    Before I bought it, I was using all the rack gear and tons of effects, when I got it realised I just needed a splash of this and a splash of that and I was happy.

    I'd rather it loaded quicker and was simple to use offering fantastic tones.

    Maybe when the next generation units come out the tecky effects stuff could be a separate compatible unit or something to please both worlds