Hello Kemper world!

  • Thank you again! I honestly set zero expectations. I had the Iridium and it's pretty darn good combined with a nice pedal board. I just found all the Kemper's knobs and buttons pretty intuitive, though there's lots of stuff for me still to learn. I think it goes back to being a teenager and wanting a Marshall and Fender both on stage and for the rest of my career having to settle for something that did neither as well. I finally got my Bradshaw rig. That's what it feels like to me!

    Genuinely.....I've had my for 7 years and honestly not been tempted by any other amp or solution since!

  • So far I can't imagine why I would be either! I have an acoustic gig next week and I can't wait to try it out. With the remote footswitch, it replaces my entire pedal board, looper included. My only concern is carrying the head around. This weekend I'm going to have to rearrange my board try to put the wireless and the profiler remote on it, with my volume pedal in front. I don't have the Expression pedals yet, and I can't do a live gig without a volume pedal. My only complaint so far is the rows on the remote need to get higher as you go to the back. I hit two buttons with my big feet. If I am not careful trying to press the Looper button, I'll hit an effect and same with effect and channel switching. When I mount it to my pedal board, I'll slant it towards me so that should alleviate some of that.