Performing live with the footswitch

  • Someone on here sells a little plexiglass cover for the screen that will repel high heels, mic & beer bottle drops. Worth the money for the protection it gives. I recall gigs where I would wrap my footswitch in saran wrap in wild clubs that threw around a lot of beer. That's one reason I would never get a stage. I don't even like to place the Kemper remote down there because it's not cheap but a stage would get destroyed for sure in my world.

  • Yes, for those kinds of small gigs, I always choose one of my pedalboards instead of the Kemper. I guess the latter can work but it seems to fall short in small venues when you and the band kind of need the amp in the room feel. If there is a decent amp in a venue, I'll always use my board instead and be happy much quicker. For me, the Kemper shines at bigger gigs/venues.

    I replaced a guy on a hotel gig once, he used one a top modeler of some sort that he plugged straight in the PA. I showed up half-assed with my cheap Blues Junior, an old SD-1 - mic'ed it with a 58 and the band was raving how amazing my amplifier sounded compared to the guy's modeler... but it was just the "amp in the room" sound that the band really notices in small venues. Nowadays, maybe the Kabinet would change all that but I still greatly enjoy my pedals through a good amp.