Question How to install version 1.1

  • Can someone be kind enough to help me with the install on the new update? Do you do it the old way
    first then after that hit the soft button? Or do you just use the soft button for the whole install?
    Thank you!

    Also I see a separate new amp 2 at the bottom of the page after the 1.1 Firmware update. Is this separate
    and apart from Firmware 1.1

  • Go ahead and download the KPA FW updates from the website.
    Place the KAOS file in the update part of the flash drive.

    with the KPA switched on, and the flash drive firmly inserted, it will ask you that a new version is available.. go ahead and update it using the on screen instructions provided.

    Once updated it will boot up (slowly the first time, so dont be alarmed)

    Then all the New rig packs that you have downloaded (or want to add) - copy these too the Shared folder on the flash drive, on the KPA click on External storage, and click on import > import all.

    Sit back, and finally enjoy

  • Rig pack 1 is part of the soft key, I assumed you were talking about the 2nd rig pack that is'nt.

    IF you want to install the rigpack 01 too. then you need to go to system page 1 of 8

    then the top far right softkey "install rigs"

    This will install all factory rigs+Rigpack01

    Good luck