Marshall silver jubilee

  • Pretty difficult task nailing JB's tone.

    You will need much more than a 2555. JB said in an interview, the three most important things for his sound (expect his hand - I guess) are the Palmer DI's with mellow switch on, the baffles in front of the cabs and the EV Speaker in his cabs.

    He's playing VEEEEEEEEEERY LOUD on Stage also.

    He's using Tone and Vol knobs on his guitar all the time and always roll back the tone knob.

    I also would appreciate a good profile for that sound. ;( Using less high end and high mids wich you always get with AFD profiles.

    I've tried HAYS Marshall SL-X and Gondwana's JCM 2000 wich are pretty good to tweak that direction.


  • Try with the S-Mehl and use a lead booster (Hi Volume) in front of a TS (Not too much gain) before the stack (Watch out the tone settings of the stomps). Then you can refine it with an EQ in block X.
    On the Stack I would turn comp and def down, increase slightly the bias and lower the tube size, bit of SAG.....
    I'll actually try it this night... :thumbup:

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  • I was able to get very close with the Marshalls from and44's profile packs (both free and paid versions,, even though I'm playing a Squier Tele (Gibson LP coming soon). I wouldn't say that using a 2555SL profile is that important.

    1. Choose one of the Marshall profiles (I'd say and44's JTM or Plexi)
    2. Switch the cab to the Siggi Mehl's Greenback cab (instant JB heaven)
    3. Add distortion (this could either be the Green Scream or Fuzz, JB is known to use a Fuzz Face)
    3. Tweak delay and reverb to your tastes
    4. Don't forget to play as accurately and in style as you can, because most of it is still in the hands.

    Have fun :)

  • :) yes.. just tell me what setting you prefer.
    hi or low output switch*, and also what pot' settings you prefer..
    i'm not going to sell those heads.. so i'll have all the time to do it..
    I've already done and uploaded ''Mr.JCM2'' with my '95 2555SL.. a distorted lead sound i've used here

    usually i play them with settings that turn aruond another ''famous jubilee owner'' (not bonamassa) so you may not find exaclty what you searching for.

    i'll do more profiles if you want..
    (after the 4210's profiles i'm going to do because it will be in my hands just for some days)
    ..but i can do it later.

    *in my soundcloud there are some sample i've done times ago..(in pre-kemper era).. just to try to better explain what and how tone changes between a 50watt in pentode mode..or a 100watt in triode.. with or without attenuator (thd hotplate) and so on.
    it would be a cool thing if i will manage to ''translate'' those info into .kipr
    it would be a cooler thing if KPA learned the tonal character of pentode/triode modes, and gives it the possibility to switch them in every profiles

  • As the TO is looking for the JB Sound....

    Joe uses only the 100W Version (50W has less mid range...) and the settings are:

    presence 5 , bass 10 , mid 7.5 highs 4.5 master 10 , volume 5 and gain 5

    ....and he's on the clean channel.

    Give it a try :thumbsup:



  • Thanks for your input. Can anybody try a profile with JBs amp settings? He always uses the 2555 as the base of his sound and adds another amp depending on what he needs. So it's always to amps at the same time, but the 2555 is the most important. Even though he uses 2 amps at the same time, there is only one signal coming out of the PA system at the end. So it must be possible to dial in and out the missing behavior of the added amp. Not 100% for sure, but it should come close.
    With the existing amps it already goes in the right direction. Maybe others are interested too and we work on it together. Because JB uses such a sophisticated rig, it is a real challenge for the KPA. Let's see how close we get.

    Unfortunately Joe Bonamassa's skills are really great. So the amount of sound comming out of his fingers is very big. But we are not bad also, are we??