• Hello, I am sure you know about Morningstar Midi editors. They are WONDERFUL products, and AXE FX and many other companies have provided them with your MIDI information so they can integrate it within their editor, which makes programming super easy. I am hoping you could do the same? If you are amenable to it, perhaps I can facilitate by being the go between. I love BOTH products, and it is so great to be able to use them simultaneously. It really increases the power of usability.

    Thank you!!!


  • In order to understand this request ... the Morningstar MIDI editor works exclusively with their footcontrollers MC3/MC6 and MC8, correct?

    These MIDI footcontrollers can send up to 16 messages with the hit of one button. But the PROFILER is just one of 16 devices, right? I mean, it doesn't make sense to send a stack of 16 messages to the same device in one go. So at the end of the day, there is either a MIDI program change or a control change to be sent to the PROFILER for each of the 3-8 buttons of these controllers. And the MIDI channel of the PROFILER needs to be defined consistently on both sides, which is a conscious decision you need to make.

    I'm wondering what kind of integration you are looking for. To load a Rig in the PROFILER, you need to enter a channel and a program change anyhow. These footcontrollers have no display which could reflect the tuner of the PROFILER like Uno4Kemper or Eureka do. Is it just a list of titled control changes, where you select TAP instead of CC#31, you are looking for? Morningstar could pick these titles from our manual,

    Or am I missing something?